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The story of the Reginna Palace Hotel is presented as a romance novel and, like any self-respecting love story, it too ‘has a bitter beginning.

Traditional Cuisine

In October 10, 1954, a terrible flood hit the Amalfi Coast, including Maiori, causing countless damage and losses.
Among these were the damage caused to the residence of one of Maiori’s most historic families and the large garden and courtyard, where family Sundays were spent accompanied by grandparents and grandchildren playing in the warmth, smells and tastes that characterize Our Land.


From here, in 1962, was born like a faint whisper, the desire to erect the Reginna Palace Hotel, which, in the mind of the Cimini Family, would be more than just an accommodation facility, but rather the possibility of welcoming and allowing anyone who comes to Maiori to experience the memories of those family Sundays.


Even today, with the third generation leading the family business nestled in the center of the Amalfi Coast, the same passion, love, attention to detail and desire to share the magic of this place designed for intimacy, warmth and beauty, like that dream first born 60 years ago, remains alive more than ever.

Those who are welcomed to the Reginna are sure to choose the experience of those who will take care of the Guests in every little detail

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